Piat RJC certification

We are very honored to announce that we are the first within the colored stones industry to have obtained our 3 years RJC certification

For years, we have been actively working with the Responsible Jewwelery Council (RJC), until it updated its Code of Practices (COP) in 2019 to expand its scope of certification to coloured stones.

Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director of the Responsible Jewellery Council said:

“We are delighted that Daniel H Piat has achieved certification for our 2019 Code of Practices standard. They have been a long term supporter of the RJC and have shown very strong commitment to implementing and promoting responsible business practices in their supply chain. In the era of trust and radical transparency, it is inspiring to see members like DH Piat take action and commit towards a journey of continuous improvement.”

Any company that joins the RJC has two years to obtain its certification, which takes place in two steps:

  • Self-assessment: very comprehensive, though sometimes time consuming, it allowed us to review and improve our internal procedures and our management system. The entire team got involved and signed our Ethical Charter and environmental commitment. We took pleasure in reviewing together the procedures (fire safety plan and fire frill, first aid) for the better safety of all.

It’s not that easy to assess and rate oneself. We warmly thank Pierre Lattard for his support and advice throughout the whole process.

We were also able to define and implement our KYC (Know your Counterpart) policy, which helped us make our suppliers aware of the legitimacy of our approach. Some of them, often the smallest ones, were open and quite enthusiastic. Others, often larger, were more reluctant to provide us with the elements we were asking for.

  • Certification via an external independent third-party audit: it gives this ethical commitment a dimension far superior to any charter signature. The auditor’s validation of our self-assessment confirmed that our standards were in line with the RJC’s objectives.

The audit, which was very thorough, went through all these subjects with a fine-tooth comb. We were able to take a fresh look at our practices and improve our activity by implementing an action plan and effective measures.

We know the stakes of this certification are high, at a time when sustainable development is getting increasingly important. The approach is complex with coloured stones, it will be an industry-wide move, a true collective work that will have to be done step by step.

The customer is asking for more trust and transparency and we are more than happy to oblige.

For more information about the Responsible Jewellery Council and how to become a member visit: