Cultural event : The jewels of the Crown

Last November, the Piat team went to the Louvre Museum to rediscover the jewels of the Crown of France.

With Capucine Juncker, gemologist and founder of the website property of a Lady as a guide, it was a great opportunity to go through our French history again.

Indeed, the destiny of these fabulous gems is intimately linked to royalty.

It is also François 1er who started this exceptional collection with a 212 carat spinel called “the Côte de Bretagne”.
During this visit, the diadem of the Duchess of Angoulême attracted all eyes. Made up of 40 emeralds – including a 15.93 carats – it was made by Bapst at the request of Louis XVIII.

In 1887, this jewel was sold with the other jewels of the crown and was acquired by the Louvre in 2002.

This fascinating and instructive visit ended with the discovery of François I’s book of hours. Collection of prayers, this splendid jewel is an unprecedented testimony of the Renaissance.
Entirely handwritten and illustrated with sixteen paintings, it is covered with a sumptuous gold binding set with rubies, cornals and turquoise. The Louvre Museum has launched a patronage campaign to acquire this jewel. During the visit, more than 65% of the sum had already been collected.