Getting the magic of colored stones for one evening

Maison Piat’s events

Nov 2018 – The Hotel Plaza Athénée held an event for the launch of a luxury magazine’s winter edition. 200 people gathered in Le Salon Haute Couture for the evening.

A table was showcasing the lapidary art. As they came by, people were immersed in a cut workshop and surrounded with related objects: grinding wheels and polishing laps, mechanical and wooden dop sticks…

They came and went, asked questions about the equipment, listened to the expert talk about the profession, a very ancient one, where handcraft is passed down from fathers to sons. They even could try themselves to cut a gemstone and sit behind the grinding wheel.

The evening’s highlight was Emmanuel Piat awarding a 35 cts amethyst to the winner of a drawing lot. The stone was cut that day by one of Piat’s gem cutters.

 Piat’s offer is unusual, flexible and most likely to entertain any company appreciating luxury and craft brought to the highest expression:

Maison Piat specializes in the search and cut of natural colored and non-treated gemstones. Its expertise spans three generations and it has become over years a privileged partner of jewelry designers.

Through these events, Piat wants to share the Maison’s knowledge and ancestral know-how and have the public get a glimpse of the wings of French High Jewelry.

These animations can be adjusted as shared expertise, workshops with stone handling or lapidary introduction, or short lectures on various topics, around a color or theme dear to the customer.

Events can take place in a jeweler’s shop, a business bank or, as it was the case at the Plaza Athénée, in the lounge of a hotel, in France or abroad.

Maison Piat also offers its clients and professionals training courses mainly about gemstones’ cut and recut.

Tailor-made programs can be developed with a particular Maison for a particular occasion. In this case, 12 to 15 people can follow the training which lasts about 3 hours.


Location: Training room, Piat’s office, 12, rue de la Paix in Paris, but also in the rooms made available by customers in France and abroad.


– The range of gems, 2h30

– Introduction to lapidary art, 3h

– Gemstone cutters or the golden hands / module 1, 9h

– Recut, a major challenge / module 2, 9h