The World Ruby Forum

The World Ruby Forum was held in Bangkok on November 4 and our team from Piat Thailand attended it.

The participants were welcomed by the Thai Minister of Trade. The objective of this forum is to promote, support, develop and share knowledge on the value and beauty of rubies, and also to develop gem trade within Thailand.

Gemfields was present for the first time in Thailand. Sean Gilbertson, its CEO, shared his results and announced that the group no longer sold faceted stones.

Vincent Pardieux asserted that the rubies of tomorrow will be amphibole rubies * found in hard rocks.

There was also a question with Cédric Simonet, the next deposits of rubies and how to find them.

This forum echoes the Thai government’s recent decisions: a number of tax exemptions have been approved this year to promote the national trade in colored stones. VAT was levied on imports of rough diamonds, colored stones, rubies, emeralds, topazes, garnets, opals, zircons, chrysoberyls, jades, pearls and precious stones.

* Definition of amphibole: New geological formation of African rubies discovered in the early 2000s. Previously it was metamorphic and baslatic only. The rubies that come from the Mozambique Channel region (Tanzania, Mozambique …) are amphibolitic rubies